BODYPRO GYM is pleased to acknowledge the incredible results that our member Mark Heathcote has achieved! Mark started on our TRANSFORMATION MASTERY program on November 6, 2019. In just 3 weeks Mark has lost a remarkable 33 Pounds!


Mark is following our supervised program consisting of 3 Hi-Intensity3 workouts per week, 2 cardio workouts per week, 7 day eating plan and our vitamin/supplements program. Even with the weight loss, Mark’s workouts have become more intense every week, as his strength increases. AND he is not suffering from any hunger pains!!

Our SHREDDED NUTRITION program is specifically geared to control the 3 hormones that cause hunger and fat storage. Each custom eating plan emphasizes feeding lean muscle for growth and starving fat cells. Combined with our Hi-Intensity3 workouts, great results like Mark’s are 100% predictable at BODYPRO GYM.