At BODYPRO GYM we know that everyone working out has an ULTIMATE GOAL result which they would like to accomplish. It may be to enter a physique competition, lose excess body fat, improve nutritional habits, or stave off aging by rejuvenating your body through exercise and better lifestyle habits.

To help our members achieve their ULTIMATE GOAL, we now introduce our TRANSFORMATION MASTERY CLINIC. Where we will work with each member on a one on one basis to help them restructure their lives, through proper nutrition, hi-intensity tailored workout programs, anti-aging (HRT) hormone replacement therapy, (working with our Medical Doctor Consultant). Our clinic will also offer services such as Osteopathy, sports massage, specific sports training, running club and physique competition prep programs.

At BODYPRO GYM our ULTIMATE GOAL is to provide our members with the highest level of expertise to help them become the best they can be! Introducing TRANSFORMATION MASTERY.

Body trransformation, Hamilton, Ontario


As part of the opening of our new TRANSFORMATION MASTERY CLINIC, BODYPRO GYM is looking for 6 motivated people to take part in its Hi-Intensity workouts and Shredded Nutrition eating program.

Each participant will receive free personal coaching/training, monthly progress photo shoots, Supplements and competition entry fees.

If you are interested in taking part in this first of its kind program, please email