T-Bar Row. This unit is a piece of equipment with adjustable handles for attacking the back muscles from all possible positions. Even though we already have 2 other T-Bar rows from Atlantis, we felt this Arsenal T-Bar Row was a must for our gym.

Tricep Kickback unit. This is a one of a kind, unique tricep machine. Highly recommended by Flex Lewis. It mimics a tricep dip machine and a Dumbell tricep kickback. We think that it will provide incredible tricep contraction. We can’t wait to receive as an addition to our line up of tricep equipment.

At BODYPRO GYM we are always looking for new innovative equipment to add to our already incredibly outfitted gym. Our goal to provide our members with the best and greatest variety of gym equipment ever built!

We invite all serious workout enthusiasts to visit our gym and experience first hand what a professional no nonsense gym is all about!

Coming Soon - Flex Lewis Arsenal Strength Equipment