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At BodyPro Gym, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best in personal training. Our dedicated team of certified trainers conducts a comprehensive assessment of your fitness level and aspirations, crafting tailor-made workout plans that maximize your potential. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your success. Our trainers not only provide expert guidance but also serve as your personal motivators, ensuring you stay on track towards your goals. We believe that the path to exceptional fitness lies in a holistic approach, which is why our trainers offer valuable insights into nutrition and lifestyle choices. At BodyPro Gym, we’re not just about workouts; we’re about transformation, and our personalized approach makes us stand out as the premier destination for achieving your fitness dreams.

did you Know?

People often quit their fitness routines due to a lack of motivation, plateaued progress, safety concerns, and inadequate support. However, BodyPro Gym stands as the ultimate solution to these challenges, offering certified trainers who serve as your personal motivators, regularly adjusting your workout plan to break through plateaus, prioritizing safety with proper guidance, providing built-in accountability with scheduled sessions, optimizing results through personalized plans, offering valuable education on fitness and nutrition, and creating a supportive fitness family environment. At BodyPro Gym, we not only help you overcome these obstacles but also empower you to thrive on your journey towards improved health and fitness.

Personal Training

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Monday-Friday: 6am to 11pm
Saturday: 8am to 8pm
Sunday: 8am to 8pm




635 Upper Wentworth St, Hamilton, ON L9A 4V4

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(905) 574-2639

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