Transformation Success Story – Mark Heathcote


Bodypro Gym is please acknowledge the incredible results that our member Mark Heathcote has achieved. Mark started our transformation mastery program on November 6 2019,  weighing 246 pounds. In just 137 days (19.5 weeks) Mark has lost a total of 76 pounds and has achieved his ULTIMATE GOAL to weigh 170 pounds!

Following our TRANSFORMATION MASTERY program,  consisting of 3 , one hour, Hi-Intensity workouts  and 2, 30 minute, cardio workouts per week. Exercising a total of 4 hours per week!

Mark also followed our SHREDDED NUTRITION eating regimen and our vitamin/supplement program. His workouts increased in intensity and strength every week, without Mark ever suffering hunger pains through the whole process.

Our SHREDDED NUTRITION program is specifically designed to control three hormones that cause hunger and fat storage. Each custom eating regimen emphasizes feeding lean muscle and starving fat cells. Combined with our    3, one hour, Hi-Intensity workouts per week, great results like Mark’s are 100% predictable and achievable at BODYPRO GYM.



Transformation Success Story – Teresa Clarizio

Bodypro Gym Transformation Mastery (TM) client Teresa Clarizio had weighed over 185 since she was 20 years old. Over the years she has been a member of many gyms, including boot camp programs. She has also tried many weight loss diets. None of these helped her lose any weight or reshape her body. Now 28 years later, in 16 weeks, following our Transformation Mastery (TM) system she has lost 33.6 pounds and has gone from a size 16 to a size 6 dress!!

Teresa has followed our prescribed program of nutrition, workouts and weekly coaching sessions and has been motivated by seeing daily results. She has also put in great effort in every workout! Teresa has 14 pounds more to lose to achieve her goal to weigh 140 pounds. She will reach this in seven weeks. Congratulations Teresa ! Enjoy your success! And your new wardrobe!!!