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The endeavor of weight training is to exercise our muscles to grow stronger and improve our shape, so that we look better. Serious weight training is still somewhat shunned by females who do not understand the incredible fat reducing, body shaping, and anti aging results it produces. When performed properly by females, weight training produces […]



Arriving this week- The Glute Thrust. It is unfortunate that in 99% of all gyms today, women (and men) still have to sit on a floor, with their upper back against a bench, with an Olympic Bar across their upper thigh/hip area in order to perform GLUTE THRUSTS. At BODYPRO GYM we recognized this, and […]



An influential friend of BODYPRO GYM loved our GLUTE STUDIO Idea and recommended this awesome picture. We commissioned our artist to repaint this beautiful inspirational masterpiece. It will take centre spot in our GLUTE STUDIO, to inspire and motivate our ambitious members to achieve flawless glutes! At BODYPRO GYM we feature a GLUTE STUDIO with […]



BODYPRO GYM is always on the lookout for new innovative equipment to add to our gym, for our members.   This Incline Chest Fly Contraction machine is one of a kind. It totally isolates the upper chest area near the clavicle. A hard area to hit with conventional exercises. The machine provides constant tension on […]

Why Dumbbells Matter

There is nothing more frustrating in a gym then when there are not enough dumbbells, or heavy enough dumbbells, for an ambitious member to use, in order to progress farther than otherwise possible. Why is it that many people can bench press more than 315 pounds on an Olympic bar, yet when it comes to […]

COMING SOON: Flex Lewis Arsenal Strength Equipment

T-Bar Row. This unit is a piece of equipment with adjustable handles for attacking the back muscles from all possible positions. Even though we already have 2 other T-Bar rows from Atlantis, we felt this Arsenal T-Bar Row was a must for our gym. Tricep Kickback unit. This is a one of a kind, unique […]