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Transformation Progress

  BODYPRO GYM is pleased to acknowledge the incredible results that our member Mark Heathcote has achieved! Mark started on our TRANSFORMATION MASTERY program on November 6, 2019. In just 3 weeks Mark has lost a remarkable 33 Pounds!   Mark is following our supervised program consisting of 3 Hi-Intensity3 workouts per week, 2 cardio […]


THE LUNGE MACHINE Coming soon! Do you want to take your glute and thigh workouts to the next level ? BODYPRO GYM will soon be receiving the new LUNGE Machine. This machine allows you to do full range repetitions by placing one foot on a pad which glides/slides backwards as your working leg bends down […]


ADJUSTABLE HACK SQUAT Coming soon!!! Watson Gym Equipment in the United Kingdom manufactures several unique pieces of gym equipment. One of their signature pieces is the Adjustable Hack Squat Machine. It is unique because using its hydraulic lift, you can easily adjust the angle of the machine from 35 degrees to 75 degrees. This allows […]

300 POUND DUMBBELLS!!!!! On their way to BODYPRO GYM !!

300 POUND DUMBBELLS!!!!! On their way to BODYPRO GYM !! YES, the worlds heaviest workout dumbbells are on their way to their new home-BODYPRO GYM. Why are we getting these 300 pound dumbbells? Because we are a one of a kind gym leading edge workout gym. A SERIOUS GYM FOR SERIOUS WORKOUT PEOPLE!!

Jodi’s 3 day pre camp

BODYPRO GYM wishes to extend a warm welcome to our lovely member Jodi Boam and her 6 athletes taking part in Jodi’s 3 day PRE CAMP training/seminar at BODYPRO GYM. Jodi has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of training, nutrition and competing. The girls taking part in this PRE CAMP are […]